Two Weeks Notice - Marc Lawrence

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Two Weeks Notice - Marc Lawrence
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Two Weeks Notice

Marc Lawrence

Genre: Romance

Price: $12.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 14, 2003

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Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock star as smart, charming and undeniably self-absorbed millionaire George Wade and George's overworked, underappreciated, multi-tasking chief counsel, Lucy Kelson.

For five years Lucy has been treated more like a nanny than a Harvard-trained lawyer, chosen George's clothes, arranged his divorce, lost sleep and gained an ulcer, but now she's calling it quits. She gives George her Two Weeks Notice.

George finally agrees to let her go ... if she finds her own replacement. After a challenging search, Lucy hires an ambitious young lawyer (Alicia Witt) with an obvious eye for her new boss. Now, as she joins her devoted boyfriend (Mark Feuerstein - "Good Morning, Miami") for an adventure at sea, Lucy is finally free of George. Or is she? With Lucy sailing out of his life, George must decide if it's ever too late to say "I love you."

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